Frost Cummings Tidwell – Transparency Isn’t Just Great For Reputations

Frost Cummings Tidwell’s penthouse-level space previously housed a law firm, replete with the dark wood paneling, matching floors and closed-in floor plan expected of the 1980s, when the office underwent its last major renovation. Thanks to the work of Rob Walker Architects, LLC, it’s now a light field, welcoming space that incorporates many environmentally friendly elements while maximizing previous construction to minimize the material sent to landfills.

The impact of these changes is evident the moment guests step off the elevator. Clients are greeted by an unobstructed view of Linn Park on one side, and striking vignettes of downtown and Southside are visible from perimeter offices. Natural light floods even interior rooms, as many exterior rooms are glass at least two sides to maximize the light and views.